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Punctuation Marks, Listed in Likely Order of Death in a Horror Film

  1.   { }
    The sassy tertiary character (probably dating the $ while the nerdy ; wishes she’d notice him)

  2.   ‘
    Propensity for being manipulated and misused makes for a quick downfall

  3.   !
    Can’t keep quiet in hiding place, found by killer (also the most popular prediction for “first to die”)

  4.   $
    Too confident, gets careless

  5.   –
    Tries to bargain with the killer, fails

  6.   &
    Takes a fatal shortcut

  7.   .
    Held hostage as a bargaining tool, killed to make a point

  8.   ;
    Sacrifices himself for little brother ,

  9.   ?
    Hesitates too long at a critical moment

  10.   /

  11.   ,
    Kills to become the unlikely hero