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Meet Cameron

You maCamerony have been expecting a dude. It’s okay—lots of people do.

I’m Cameron Siewert, content strategist by day and writer by whatever time it is. I made my fiction debut at age 6 with the 1987 illustrated short story “The Mrdrd Child”. I’ve since branched out from the thriller genre, but I still love a good murder mystery.

I’m a native Texas Panhandler and former New Yorker, but for the last 7 years I’ve been living, sweating, and battling seasonal allergies in Austin, Texas. I’ve worn that hat on exactly two occasions.

I’m a proud introvert and most-of-the-time hermit, but my most cherished life experiences have involved traveling with strangers. I’m an avid reader and analytical thinker, but I’m most inspired by weirdos and creative minds (and I like to count myself among them). I’m an enthusiastic, adventurous eater and cook. I’m an accidental runner. I’m a cat person. My favorite punctuation mark is the em-dash, and my favorite word is “maniacal”.

I recently cooked my first octopus and taught myself to sew while reupholstering an old recliner, but I also compulsively check my email, still watch The Bachelor/ette, and never call anyone back even though I mean to.

More to the point, I love to write, and this site is a platform for sharing it (with my parents, four other random visitors, and now you). It’s a little like traveling with strangers, but through the strange and unsettling world of the internet.